When compared to the general worldly interest, spiritual or religious attraction is always less. That being the case, its obvious that generally people don’t invest much time and money here. That’s one of the main reason why we don’t find highly functional quality apps related to Vedic tradition. Even if we find some related apps, they are not developed mainly focusing the user’s demands. And for our surprise, even if we stumble upon such an app that does exactly what we are looking for, in almost all cases, it would certainly cost you.
But, what we wanted to do is just the opposite. 😎
We want to bring the focus on to our traditional values, and make apps that suits user’s preferences and demands. This is our main goal.
In our early stages, we too were charging for featured functionalities bundled within the apps. But not any more.
This shift is mainly because of a sense of gratitude. We all owe our well-being to our holy cultural tradition and to our Guruparampara; without their grace and blessings, we are not who we are now. With all due gratitude, we try to make this effort mainly a service intended one than business. So, we provide all of the functionalities bundled in all of our apps totally FREE and we wish to continue this pattern with your support. With this change, we also think it motivates people to follow and practice our Vedic cultural tradition at ease.

So, considering this, we want to share our real intention and commitment towards the vedic community by making you all know how our effort and thought process differs from others. We wish to do it with an example of our own app. Lets take the stotras (shlokas) and Veda mantra apps that we make, and look into some of the unique functionality and features that makes us stand out from the rest.

So when a user looks for slokam app, the reason for his search might be a few ones from the list below either individually or combined. Like,

  • One may want to listen to the sloka with text displayed in his own language,

  • Or might want to follow the verses while the audio is being recited.

  • Or at times, to get a clarity of a particular verse, he may look for a slower version of the same audio,

  • Or to those who want to learn it, might look for something like class room session, where the teacher recites a part of the sloka and the student follows, repeating either once or twice.

  • Or there are some who would look out for meaning as their main criterion while searching for an app like this one. For without this feature, they find it meaningless to have it in their phone.

  • Or, Sometimes when you are listening to a great and big stotram like vishnu sahasranama, one might want to jump to a section or need to find a similar word in the whole stotram. At such times, one might find it helpful if there was a search option to do it.

And many such features to help them facilitate their listening or learning experience.

          Now, for your surprise, we have built everything that’s mentioned above, that too in a most sophisticated manner that helps you in easy access of those features. And finally all these are provided totally FREE through our Apps. Check out how we have done the same now. Like ,

  • To listen to the sloka a little slow, we have a slow version also available with a easy toggle.

  • To follow the verse while the audio is being recited, we have this text auto-scroll as a default feature, with the current playing audio-text is highlighted in the middle of the screen.

  • To learn the mantra word-by-word like it used to be in the olden days, where the master recites a phrase and you repeat after. You can choose the learning mode for that. Additionally we have added, word repeat twice as a toggle, so that you can learn only the tough section twice and move on with word repeat once with a convenient toggle button even while the audio is playing.

  • Most important than everything, the meaning of the sthotram. We have this too as an option to choose, where the meaning will be displayed as in like a subtitle in a video where you can follow the audio, text and meaning simultaneously.

  • And font increase and decrease option for aged people and those with vision problem.

  • Also, a search utility where you can search a part of the slokam or the sloka no, that will short list search results with the playing time, line no and with the complete verse for you to pick the right one easily.

  • And… if one doesn’t has his own language in this app, he would not prefer using this app and will miss all the exclusive features that are bundled within the app. For that reason and also cover a wider audience, we have provided some 5 major languages.

  • Most importantly all the features that’s bundled in these apps are totally FREE without any limitations.


So, Many of the features are built slowly in time, while considering the feedback’s from the users. And We constantly keep refining the app with best and usable features to people that the large Vedic world demands. Now is the time to look into the most subtle and powerful religion.For that we take advantage of this new technology in the form of smart phone and give the oldest of the religion a fresh look.

As you can judge, this is the pattern that we follow with all our apps. We think from the shoes of the users. We try to find out places where people struggle to move on with their Vedic tradition, and look into possibilities if we can fill the gap with technology by carefully ensuring not to disturb the cultural values. (Just to cite an example related to ensuring the cultural values, consider all the vedic mantram learning apps. We insist with a strong recommendation to the users, to start learning the mantram only through an acharya in the traditional way. Its mainly due of time and other personal priorities that most of us are unable to go to a GURU in person and learn the sacred hymn; So, these apps are just to bridge this gap, so that all of us can fulfill our desire to learn the slokas and mantras. Many subtle mistakes that tend to happen in the learning process which only a GURU can correct it then and there, which the app can never replace.) So, We have developed many apps in this pattern which you can find in google play and apple app store.

Make use of them to your heart’s content. Learn the way of the Vedic tradition and live its way. Share your feedback with us and share the good news with others.

May all prosper and be happy.

sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu.

Sarvam Krishnarpanam.