What is Rasi and Nakshatra ?

Well, if we just recall ourselves what we know about ‘Rasi and Nakshatra’, many of us might get thoughts somewhat like these to our memory. In most cases, people use their Rasi Nakshatra on occasions such as a matrimony hunt or sometimes when we do Archana in the temple. And some other times, we also find people discuss their own Rasis and interpret some readings out of it to the extent that they know. Even if not for the above-mentioned cases, one would have most probably checked his/her Rasi Phal (forecast predictions) once in their lifetime at least out of curiosity. 😀
But really…

  • What is this Rasi and what is a Nakshatra.? Why should I have one?

  • Should I even bother to know what is mine?
  • In what way this is going to help me. i.e., what significance it has on my life?
  • Does it really convey anything important which I’m supposed to know and through which I can shape my life better?

… a very curious mind will generally probe into such questions. If you are one, you have arrived at the right place.

We will try our best to unfold the idea in a very simple manner without much use of any technical jargons 😀 so that all can understand the Vedic science.

So now, Lets start with this question.. Why a person has a specific Rasi and Nakshatra and why not something else that one can choose from the list of options available 😛 ?

        No. We can’t choose one that we like.

Because, when a person is born, the placement of the moon in the sky gets to decide whats our Rasi and what is our Nakshatra. Ideally, nobody gets a chance to choose their place, date and time of birth. But it happens totally based on your actions done in previous birth. A child born in a wealthy family that enjoys luxury, and contrast to this, a child born deaf in a poor family are totally based on karma which we call it as fate. So, With this, we come to know how we get a specific Rasi and Nakshatra. But how do we practically note it down from the sky? or how the Rasi Nakshtra finding is this actually done?

We will now try to understand how it is done with simple illustration:

As one can see a white trail along the path of a jet in the sky right?, like that, imagine ‘the Sun’ to be like a jet and that it leaves a mark of white trail in its path in the sky. This sun’s path goes round the earth and makes a full circle. Imagine the sun’s path or this white trails, and stretch this feeble white trail to the left and right side of it and make it as a broad white patch. Now this visualization you have made should be like a white belt and not a feeble line, that runs in the path of the Sun.

This imaginative broad white patch around the earth in the sky is where one can spot all the planets like Moon, Venus, etc and also some other specific group of stars.

This circular track of the sun is divided into 12 equal parts called Zodiac. This Zodiac is what is referred to as Rasis in jyotish System.

The Rasi and Nakshatra, both of them are nothing but some rough patterns in the sky. A set of stars form such patterns in the sky, which more or less gives the idea of the Rasi that it represents.

For example, Aries or Mesha Rasi, which means a male sheep, is formed by a group of stars that represent more or less like ‘a Horn’ of a sheep in the sky. So, when someone says that his zodiac is Leo (Simha Rasi), don’t expect a picture perfect lion in the sky :razz:. This illustration is to give you the fundamental idea of how the system is actually set up.

(Note: These terms are interchangeably used. Zodiac = Rasi. Nakshatra = group of stars/Constellations.)

Now, when a Horoscope chart is casted out for a new born child, it is done based on the date, time and place of birth of that child. At that time, The planet Moon (Chandra Graha) may be spot in any one of the 12 Rasis and in any one the 3 Nakshatra that belongs to the Rasi in which Moon is currently in. For a newbie, this might seem to be a little confusing. But once you read the below explanation and refer to the illustrated picture, the idea will become clear.

Imagine like when we travel in a bus from one city to another, we watch small towns pass by one after the other, and in-between the towns we also pass through many smaller villages that belongs to a single town geographically.So, at any point in time while traveling, you will be at any one of the Towns in-between the cities and also more specifically in a particular village of that Town that you are passing by.

Similar to this idea, relate yourself traveling in the bus with the moon traveling in the sky and the towns to be ‘Zodiac’ and the smaller villages in that particular town to be ‘Nakshatras’. More than 2 nakshatras are to be found in a Zodiac like many villages are found in a single Bigger Town. For clarity, refer the image.

So, keeping this bus, town and villages references in mind, When we watch a clear sky in the night with the moon, we can watch it traveling slowly day by day, passing through the Zodiacs one after one, and within one particular Zodiac, it also passes through a particular nakshatra at any given point in time. With this, we get the whole idea clearly. That is, how a person gets a specific Rasi and Nakshatra, which is nothing but spotting the moon in that specific Rasi and Nakshatra, at the time the person is born.

[Use the “Rasi and Nakshatra Finder” app to find yours … Rasi-Icon-48 ]

So, now that we know what is our Rasi and Nakshatra, we will now get to know its significance in one’s life.

There are nine grahas in Vedic Astrology. Just like the moon, all of them in their constant movement is found to be placed in different Rasis at any given time. When this is the case, i.e., when all planets are placed in different Rasi’s, why ‘Moon’s’ placed alone is considered to be a person’s Rasi or Jupiter or Saturn’s placement? Because every planet signifies a specific aspect of human life with which the prediction is made according to Jyotish Shastra. Like the Surya Graha represents the eyes, planet mars signifies blood. In the same way, the planet ‘Moon’ represents the mind. And since every action of ours is decided by our thought flow that originates from our mind, it is logical to consider it superior to all the other aspects. So, Moon’s placement in your chart at birth is very important. Likewise, the constellation or the Nakshatra that we are born with defines our character majorly, is also very important that helps in many predictions making.

And only based on our Rasi and nakshatra any future predictions (Rasi Phalan) are inferred. It helps us in deciding when to start a new business or choosing a bride/groom, or even timing the marriage and many events in our life which are very important decisions. So, knowing what is our Rasi and Nakshatra and using it wisely to make life situations in our favor is really great. isn’t it?.

Now, know what’s your Rasi generally means as per our Jyotish system from this link here and about what the nakshatra signifies from here.

Finally, if you find this content helpful in understanding what is Rasi and Nakshatra, we are very happy about it. If not, kindly share your opinion as a comment below as to what is not clear, so that we can make another attempt to get the content, even more, better 😎