Shani Peyarchi or Saturn’s Transit “, to define in a Nutshell, its the Shani Graha exiting a Rasi and Enters another Rasi.
(To know about what is a Graha, RASI, and the fundamental idea about Gochara (Transit) , click the links tagged against the corresponding words).

Now, Considering with this simple explanation, that is, a planet moving from a one zodiac to another, there need not be a much hype on the topic, as there are still 8 more grahas which are also in transit, but we never tend to hear the same hype when budhan peyarchi, shukra peyarchi, chevvai peyarchi happens. why so?

To Answer this, we need to know the importance of the planet Shani and its effect with respect to its transit.

In the 9 Planets, Shani gets his name from “ShaNaishCharam“, in which ‘Shani‘ means ‘Slow‘ and ‘Charam‘ means ‘To Move‘, i.e, he is a slow mover.
When compared to all the planets, he is the slowest and second biggest next to GURU (Jupiter). So, for these 2 reasons, one being he is a slow mover, he stays in a rasi for very long period, and Second, due to his size, his impact will be heavy, as he is mighty, the shani peyachi is considered to have a prominent impact in one’s life and so is the hype justified.

Now, how to infer the Phalan for his stay in a zodiac – Shani Peyarchi Phalan?

Before we know the effects of Shani peyarchi, readers need to know one very basic point in regard to ‘Predictive astrology’. i.e., Just with the Gochara phalan alone, it is not possible to interpret the effect for a particular rasi, which is just a part of the whole prediction process. So, blindly considering the magazine or media for rasi phalan, which is interpreted as a whole to a sect of rasi individuals is only but a confustion. This just leads to superstitous belief on the vedic science.

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The Effects of Shani Peyarchi  :

Instead of pondering about the autenticity of different predictions given to individual rasis in the media for sani Peyachi, we would like to present one simple thumb rule, as a sloka, from a Vedic Astrological Classics, ‘Phaladeepika‘ by Mantreshwara. The following explains the way to interpret the good and evil effects in general for the shani transit.