The moon in a constellation (Nakshatra) at birth would mean the general characteristic of a person and how a person would lead his life. That is, Nakshatra at birth will influence one’s life till one’s death. That is the reason why we choose the most auspicious nakshatra when choosing a muhurtha for any function. Carefully choosing such an auspicious asterism for an event would yield auspicious results and will pass on its effects on to future events too.

Every nakshatra has its unique effect, that is passed on to influence the event that takes place at the time the star is ruling. Here, Lets see what it means if a person is born under different asterism. (Just to get familiar with the word Nakshatra, here it is referred as Asterism, Star, Constellation. But its all the same).

The Following excerpt from “Brihat Jataka” by Varahamihira, will explain about each Nakshatra briefly.

Aswini and Bharani :

The Person born under the star ” Aswini ” will be fond of ornaments, Lovely in appearance,
liked by all, clever and intelligent.

If, at a person’s birth, the Moon be in the star ” Bharani “, he will carry out his purpose to the end, will be truthful, free from malady, clever and happy.

Krittika and Rohini :

He who is born in ” Krittika “, will eat much, will be addicted to others wives, will be brilliant in appearance and famous.

The person born in ” Rohini ” will be truthful, pure, sweet-tongued, with a settled mind and lovely in appearance.

Mrigasirisha and Ardra (Thiruvadirai) :

If a person be born in ” Migrasirisha “, he will be fickle, sharp-witted, timid, eloquent, industrious, wealthy and indulging in sensual pleasures.

The person born in ” Ardra ” will be deceitful, will be arrogant and full of pride, ungrateful, mischievous and sinful.

Punarvasu (Punarpoosam) :

The Person born under the star ” Punarvasu ” will be self-controlled, happy, will be pleasant and friendly in nature, dull, afflicted with disease, thirsty and easily contented.

Pushya (Poosam) and Aslesha (Ayilyam) :

If a person be born in ” Pushya “, he will be composed in mind, liked by all, learned, wealthy and inclined to be virtuous.

The person born in ” Aslesha ” will be insincere, inclined to hoarding everything, sinful, ungrateful and deceitful.

Magha and Purvaphalguni (Pooram) :

The person born under the star ” Magha ” will be wealthy and have many servants, will enjoy life, worship the Gods and the Manes and be very industrious.

The person with ” Purvaphalguni ” will speak sweetly, will be liberal in gifts, bright in appearance, fond of wandering and loyal to his sovereign.

Uttaraphalguni (Uttaram) and Hasta :

The person born under the star ” Uttaraphalguni ” will be loved by all, earn money by his own learning, will be sexually attractive physical body and will be happy.

If a person be born under the star ” Hasta ” will be industrious, will not give due respect to others, rude, merciless, fond of drinking and thievish.

Chitra and Swati :

The Person born under the star ” Chitra ” will wear beautiful garments and flowers, and will have beautiful eyes and limbs.

The one born under ” Swati ” will be modest, clever in trade, will be compassionate, sweet in speech and virtuous.

Vishaka and Anuradha (Anusham) :

The Person born under the star ” Vishaka ” will be envious, being desirous to posses other’s wealth, will have bright appearance, clever in talking and quarrelsome.

The man born in ” Anuradha ” will be luxurious, will be dwelling in foreign countries, will not endure hunger and will ramble from place to place.

Jyeshta (Kettai) and Moola :

If a Person be born in the star ” Jyeshta “, he will not have many friends, he will be contented, will be virtuous and will be exceedingly irritable.

The one born in ” Moola ” will be proud, wealthy, happy, of a soft disposition, firm-minded, but luxurious in his living.

Purvashadha (Pooradam) and Uttarashadha (Uttaradam) :

The person born in the star ” Purvashadha ” will have a friendly and lovable wife, will be proud and firm in friendship.

If a person born in ” Uttarashadha ” will be well-behaved, righteous, will have many friends, will be grateful, pleasant and friendly in nature.

Sravana (Thiruvonam) and Dhanishta (Avittam) :

The person who is born in the star ” Sravana ” will be learned, possess a generously disposed wife, will be wealthy and famous.

The person born in “Dhanishta ” will be liberal in his gifts, wealthy, courageous and fond of music and will be greedy.

Satabhishak (Sadhayam) and Purvabhadrapada (Poorattadhi) :

If a Person be born in the star ” Satabhishak “, he will be truthful, unfortunate, will conquer his enemies, will be daring and hard to be won over.

The Person whose birth is in ” Purvabhadrapada ” will be afflicted, will be dominated and criticized by his partner, wealthy and clever, but a miser.

Uttarabhadrapada (Uttarattadhi) and Revati :

The person born under the star ” Uttarabhadrapada ” will be clever in speaking, happy, possess children, will overcome his enemies and be virtuous.

The person born in ” Revati ” will have a symmetrical body (all his limbs perfect), will be liked by all, will be courageous, clean and wealthy.